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I started this work in 2006 and finished a first draft in January 2007. But it sat, and it sat. Finally near the end of 2007, I asked a very talented lady that I had met in a writing class, to give it an editing look-over. As is often the case, there were many corrections and re-looks that had to be considered. I began … and then it sat and it sat. Who knows when or how the motivation returns.

I have been told that these musings will surprise people that know me … that it may be a little “way out there.”  You see, I am not a “la-la-woo-woo” type of person. I am just an average guy that has been fortunate to have some time to wonder why.  So,  friends and acquaintances, hold on … this is really the work of Papa D’Light.

I have decided to go semi-public with this blog release. My plan is to blog-publish a couple of segments each week (Thursday night for Friday morning). It’ll probably take about 6 months to get it all out. I offer a few vignettes in the search for understanding. If you stick it out with me to the final chapters, I do come to a realization of my purpose in life … my life focus (and perhaps a clue to yours.)

WHO I am is really not important. I strive to find a good level of averageness … a balance. But to do that requires quite an effort … each day … to

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