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In Quest of d’Light

August 3, 2017

In Quest of d’Light: The Hominid Trial on Earth

New novel by Dennis Allen (papadlight)

A novel about man’s relationship with E*art:H

Man must learn how to use the fifth element Quintessence to return to synch with Earth.

Available at – kindle edition and paperback.



January Releases

January 4, 2009

Released: January 8, 2009

2.4  Touching People    2.5  Balance in All Things    2.6  Energy Theft

Next Release: January 14, 2009

Chapter 3     Our Three Heritages  & 3.1 Genetic Heritage

Chapter 3,2   Cultural Heritage

The future weekly releases will only be 1 or 2 sub-chapters at a time. For those who don’t like reading this on the computer monitor, they can be printed to read before you go to sleep … they may change your dream pattern.

Chapter Release

December 26, 2008

All segments will be released on Pages, not posts.

Released Chapters

1.0  Setting the Stage

2.0 Let Us Ponder

2.1  Original Thought

2.2  One’s 150

2.3  The Me-World

Next release: Deferred until January 8, 2009

2.4  Touching People

2.5  Balance in All Things

2.6  Energy Theft