Chapter 7.11 Positive Energy Transfer

Positive Energy Transfer

“Magnetism is one of the Six Fundamental Forces of the Universe, with the other five being Gravity, Duct Tape, Whining, Remote Control, and The Force That Pulls Dogs Toward The Groins Of Strangers.”
Dave Barry    Columnist/ Author

Human magnetism.  Some people attract, some repel.  Sure some of it is visual, but it is hard to have a repelling aura if you are filled with positive energy. If you are happy with yourself, and you walk upbeat with a genuine smile on your face, you will have a better chance at being one who attracts. With that mindset alone, you will have enough positive energy to dish some out.

“The person who sends out the most positive thoughts activates the world around him positively and draws back to himself positive results.”
Norman Vincent Peale (1898-1993)    Writer and Clergyman

Positive energy can be passed on in many different ways, some more obvious than others. We have already discussed the positive benefits that can be transferred to others by practicing Compassion, Generosity, and the Golden Rule. We have pondered on how Touching Others and a genuine Smile can affect other people.  We even may believe that through Meditation, Prayer, and Intention we can send positive energy to/for others.

The use of physical touch is another way of transferring positive energy to another person. Physical touch, like an embrace or holding a person’s hand, can provide a more concentrated energy.

“There are some people who have the quality of richness and joy in them and they communicate it to everything they touch. It is first of all a physical quality; then it is a quality of the spirit.”
Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938)     American Novelist

A good, genuine hug has an amazing calming affect … it can make you feel like you are connecting to the commonality of all mankind.  The stress, the grief, the chaos of a person in need can often be partially defused with the positive energy passed on from one to another through touch.  (I’m going qualify this a bit for the over-zealous: You should know the person. You can’t go around hugging people you don’t know even if they look like they are down.  Your positive energy could end up behind bars.  Use silent smile packets to brighten them up a bit.)

I have found that this physical contact to transfer calming or positive energy has two requirements.  First it has to be held for a while, so that both people can adjust to the same wavelengths, relax, and open up their receptors.  Second, the giver can increase the effect of the contact by consciously trying to pass on positive energy to the other person.  The receiver can also enhance the healing transfer by visualizing it in their own mind. The mind and the body are amazing resources when we let them go. Close your eyes and you too can see.

Recently, more greetings involve a quick hug.  A hug goes beyond a handshake. The hug demonstrates that we have met before, that we are good friends, or that we are receptive to knowing each other better. When showing up at a function these days, it seems that everybody has to hug everyone else … kind of the same confusion as clinking everybody’s glass at a toast.  Girls hug girls, girls hug guys, guys hug guys.  This last encounter is often a bit comical though … a hug where the hands reach the backs but nothing else touches.  For most guys, a handshake and a pat on the back usually seems the better option.

“Men greet each other with a sock on the arm, women with a hug, and the hug wears better in the long run.”
Edward Hoagland      American Author

These little hugs are small packets of positive energy, but patting someone’s back like you would good ole Ruff is merely cordial (and sometimes a bit annoying.)  Touching to blend the energy of two people has to be held for some time period (maybe five seconds at least?) and the receiver must be willing to accept the energy and support that you offer.  The longer the hold, the longer the recalibration of energy has to reset itself.  Don’t get too weird though … know when to let go.

“Hold a true friend with both hands.”
African Proverb

Touching someone, like holding hands or holding a touch, can also project trust.  Once a cat or a dog or a horse allows you to touch them, to feel your energy, they gain a familiarity (assuming you still have all of your fingers) and they become your friends.

My wife tends to carry a lot of stress in her back … her muscles tighten up and knot.  As the masseuse of most convenience, I have learned some methods to rub out these knots, relieving them so that they are somewhat able to  relax.

But since I have become aware of  energy transferrance, I find that I do better by holding pressure on certain spots for five or ten seconds or longer. A touch can be like a magnet if it is held long enough to maintain solid contact.  The trick is to slow down and feel energy passing on to the other person, like putting a warm hand onto another’s cold hand to warm it up. You have to focus on generating and exchanging the energy.

Maybe this contact is just warmth (positive energy has got to be warm!) Actually rubbing the other person can create warmth, but it does not have as lasting an effect as finding the one spot in need and maintaining contact.  Rubbing may open the ports, but holding the touch gives a short infusion of healing energy that aids the relaxation of the total area.

“Misdirected life force is the activity in disease process. Disease has no energy save what it borrows from the life of the organism. It is by adjusting the life force that healing must be brought about …”
Kabbalah, Mystical Judaism Discipline

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m no healer.  My wife’s back stress keeps coming back (or does it? …. Is this just a ploy, like the child that continues to believe in Santa Claus so that the toys don’t stop?)  Giving some positive energy in packets or via major contact downloads is still temporary at best, but these transfers can prime the other person’s pump so that they can start generating more positive energy of their own, to help to heal themselves.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.”
Hippocrates (460 BC – 377 BC) Ancient Greek Physician, the Father of Medicine

Hmmm … before Big Pharma got us to believe differently.


24 Responses to “Chapter 7.11 Positive Energy Transfer”

  1. Coleman Says:

    I loved this little piece that I read, is there an entire book for me to read and share? I feel like I have been using these technics for years, and that they were handed down to me from my parents; both very positive and spiritual people… I feel like I am with a sustained touch, even with just my hand I am able to transfer positive energy to my wife, it has a very warming effect, that which you describe in your text, it feels very real! I always thought that this was in my head, and maybe because I believed it so much that it was real? Maybe it is the power of my mind that does make it real, along with my spirit; I would just love to know more!!! Sincerely: I love long hugs with mutual friends is this why??

    • papadlight Says:

      I certainly think our energy can be transferred to others, and we can sense when it is genuine and beneficial. Thank you for reading the blog. The whole ‘book’ is contained on this website. It was released one chapter a week originally. I got sidetracked from self-publishing when I got into writing a novel using some of the same premises. The novel is in rewrite stage, and I hope to publish both soon. They just need to worked themselves up to the top of the list. When published, I will certainly notify everyone who has written comments in case they are interested in having a hard-copy. Keep sharing your positive energy … it is endless.

  2. Stephen Says:

    This article helping me understanding about me. The answer in my life under my nose all this time and did not see. People all ways remark about my hands or they feel different after I touch them, “wow your hands are hot”. Ive been trying to figure a way for my life to go. Now I know. Thanks. 🙂

  3. temp bike Insurance Says:

    My brother recommended I might like this webb site.
    He used to be entirely right. This post truly made my day.
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  4. Maria Says:

    Great article! Any insight into the following?: I was looking at a picture of a friend and my hand was placed exactly on his hand. I felt a burning sensation of my hand going into his. No clue what this means. Felt like he was coming alive in that pic!
    Many thanks,

    • papadlight Says:

      My thoughts are that one of the barriers to us becoming more spiritual is our need to be able to solve a mystery or figure out the meaning in our mental/physical world. Deep down you may know what this burning sensation means, but what is important to consider is that it happened and that maybe you should in some way follow up, or if it is a negative sensation, to not. Consider it a clue from your guides to send you on a path. Most often in my experience, what you find that was important to discover is not what you think it is. Just try to be in tune with the situation. But hey! I’m no guru on this stuff.

  5. Kimberlee Says:

    I had an encounter yesterday that I’m trying to understand. A stanger approached me (an older lady) and was “drawn” to me. She started to tell me about her husband being sick with cancer and I could see the sorrow in her. She wanted to give me a hug and said she felt better after talking to me and thought she had been sent down that aisle to me for a reason. As we hugged, I felt the sorrow and worry enter my chest. I began to cry (in the store) and felt the heavyness in my chest. I went back to work and talked to a friend about it. He suggested going into a dark room and pray and use color breathing techniques to remove these negative feelings. I started my prayers with thanking god for allowing me to help remove some of these feelings from her and to help me remove them. I began the breathing and just started SOBBING. I remember thinking as I was sobbing that this is crazy… I started to feel better and moved my arms around in circles to get the balance that seemed trapped in my chest. I was able to “get it all out”, but am still trying to understand what the heck happened!

    • papadlight Says:

      Quite an experience. You allowed yourself to receive her, and some way she knew that you were there for her. Assuming you have gotten all the grief expelled, you should feel really good about helping a pure stranger (at least a stranger this time around.) I’m going to copy a bit from my previous reply … one of the barriers to us becoming more spiritual is our need to be able to solve a mystery or figure out the meaning in our mental/physical world. Who can say ‘why?’ on something like this. Reflect your part in this experience and take pride in your response.

  6. dudeox Says:

    how can i send positive vibes to someone close to my heart when she feels low..?
    Can anyone explain it in simple terms..?

    • papadlight Says:

      It is very difficult to transport energy over a distance. Probably the best chance is to set a time with the person you want to boost … say a ten or fifteen minute window … then relax and focus on sending the other person your positive feelings. They should be quiet and focus on receiving your energy. With everything that is going on in every bodies lives, any energy transfer requires a keen focus by both parties. During a “touch” session of passing on energy, the transfer is much easier to assimilate.

  7. Meam Says:

    I loved this chapter! Everything in it made sense, is informative and so enlightening.
    I am a Sports massage therapist and through this line of work (for free most of the time!) – everyone finds an ailment when I mention what I do – I have found healing abilities in my hands.
    It starts off by my hands ‘homing in’ on a particular spot – found by the incredible heat generated by the client’s body in the area where the problem is.
    I can feel heaviness in my arms, very hot and icy cold sensations, tingling in my hands and fingers, and have had numerous reports and feedback detailing how it feels like I am drawing something out of them or pulling something from their bodies!!! One friend even told me it felt like I had PHYSICALLY moved something around 6″ from point to point in his back – I wasn’t even touching him!!!! That freaked me out!!
    Most of the people I touch have claimed that the pain had gone completely or up to 95% of the pain had gone.
    I am amazed that I can do this and am looking into helping more people if possible.
    I feel it”s not just physical pain but emotional too. I refuse to charge a fee for this – its a gift given to me for free so to take advantage of that wouldn’t be right.
    Am so glad I’ve found this website – am off to take a look at the other chapters!
    Blessings and healing to all xx

    • papadlight Says:

      You have a very special gift of healing. Learn with it on what you can do and continue focusing your gift to others.
      “Touch has a memory” John Keats

  8. Bubbles Says:

    Hi. I had an experience hugging someone. It was very powerful. Do you consult or answer questions? Thanks for your help.

    • papadlight Says:

      Hi KB88
      Sorry, but I don’t consult. Just a regular guy who believes that each person will find their own way in their own way.


  9. sandeeo Says:

    kripa kari mane janavso ke hu mara possetiv trought ne enrgy kai rite aapi sahuku jevicharo ne hu chintan karu chu

  10. Krystoph Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful piece of reading. Over the last couple years instead of hugging I have begun not only wrapping my arms around Loved ones but also touching foreheads for at least 5 seconds (that is, if they allow it :). It’s a beautiful feeling when the mammal you are transferring with is on the same wave length.
    Looking forwards to reading the rest of the chapters.
    Enlightenment is the only path to Paradise.

    • papadlight Says:

      So sorry for being late on responding … Thanks for sharing your experience. I have taken on some of these concepts in my novel In Quest of d’Light, very soon (this week?) to be published on Amazon. I will place you on my announcement list.

  11. Steven Says:

    My Wife and I had an intense transfer of Loving energy last night while we were holding hands. We had just turned the lights off to relax and drift into slumber. After lying there for a few minutes she reached and held my hand firmly. Just palm to palm not interlaced.
    I felt an overwhelming feeling of joy start from my chest and run down my arm into our grasp. I felt such an intense Love at that moment that I slowly turned my head towards her with a smile. A few seconds later she said, “That was intense!” “I know.” I replied.

    I suppose we were on the same wave. Whatever the case may be, I know it’s possible to give and take energy through touch.

    • papadlight Says:

      Thanks for sharing your intense experience. I have taken on some of these concepts in my novel In Quest of d’Light, very soon (this week?) to be published on Amazon. I will place you on my announcement list.

  12. Natalie Berglund Says:

    I am so happy to have found this article 🙂 I love the way you have organized and articulated such a simple yet complex magic – energy! 💫 Thank you for sharing

  13. Just Stewart Says:

    i loook at her chest , not her like breasts but her actual chest plate where her heart is , i see something , i dont know what i saw , ? with her absorbing and making use of the wisdom i was spilling , i cant , its not important i think , whatever it was that i saw … by the way when i reach this state my hands feel weird , and by that i mean it feels like my main three fingers , thumb index and middle fingers feel like they form a portal for each hand , it feels like i have the weight of the world in my three finger tips , intensely magnetized , powerful , strong , intense feeling … so i put one hand directly on her back behind where her heart is , i put the other hand on her chest and begin a massage thing were .. now that i think about it i was massaging something into her chest … this is reeeeally hard to explain , please understand why im trying to fill every detail in around it …
    so after like three rotations of my hand , i feel something shoot from the middle of my heart , pass through my chest , down my arm , through my hand , into her chest , she shoots back like something bumped her , like i just pushed her , and she looks worried and messed up , the look you would give someone if you felt them push something ethereal into you , she asks me what i just did and i say i dont know , because i still dont know

    she felt it all night , like a lump inside her chest , just down from a lump in your throat ,

    you have no idea how much this still messes with me , like what the did i do , the am i actaully capable of with these hands ?

    since i didnt set an intention or have any thought in my head when i was doing this ?

    i wrote this out before i read your post , i read the post and my story makes a little more sense …

    what i did is outside of my perception , was wondering your thoughts on the matter , sorry my explanation is all over the place …

    • papadlight Says:

      A very interesting exchange … certainly more powerful than anything I have been able to achieve. Perhaps like you said, a focused, calming intention?

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